Black Front Outer Screen Glass Lens For Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini G800 + Free Tools

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Recently dropped your phone? Damaged the Screen? Cracked the Glass?

Then you need this part, the front glass screen for your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini, the item consist of the Front glass screen Only.

Technical Information: -
• Replacement part Front Glass Screen Only.
• Fixes damaged broken or worn out front screen glass.
• Perfect fitting & functionality of OEM Part is guaranteed.
• High quality brand new OEM replacement part.

Often Corrects the Following Problems: -
Cracked, Scratched, Broken or Shattered Glass Unresponsive to touch

Item Description -
If there is something wrong with your Front Screen Glass, please pay more attention to our Front Glass Screen for Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini, which allows you to feel relieved about the fragmentized or broken Front Glass Screen. Made of high quality material, our Front Glass screen assembly delivers long-term performance and high sensitivity so that you can use it at ease. Also, the advanced technique that it adopts offers you pleasant visual enjoyment and clear pictures. A perfect replacement for broken, cracked, damaged, faulty or shattered front glass! Your best choice here!

Includes: -
1 x Front Glass Screen Only + Tools

Our Free BisLinks® Tool Kit Is Supplied (The ToolKit is for free, we do not accept refunds/exchanges).
Whilst we do our best to get you tooled up, you may require additional tools.

Tools Included:
* 2 x Screwdrivers
* 2 x Pry
* 2 x Opening Tool
* 1 x Suction Cup

Hint and Tips

How to tell what is damaged? Is it my Touch Screen or My LCD Screen, What do I need to know

LCD Only: If the image under the glass is broken and the touch panel (known as digitizer) is still functioning you require a new LCD panel.
Touch Panel also known as Digitizer: If the top touch panel (Digitizer) is cracked or broken but the image below (or LCD) it is fine then you only need replace the Touch Panel.
Complete Screen with Touch Panel and LCD: If the top touch panel is broken and the LCD image is either black liquid or cracked you need a complete screen.

Bislinks Says!, in some instances it may be more cost effective to buy a complete LCD + Digitizer, It makes repair easier and saves you the hassle of cutting your fingers when trying to separate the glass!