• Are you a UK based local merchant?
  • Do you sell stuff online on ebay or amazone?
  • Are you passionate about your business?

We want you to make more sales and get noticed before ALL those abroad sellers who sell crap products for low prices and get more sales because they are listed above you.

Well we are aggregating all UK local merchants together to build a super restricted UK only merchant network.

Yes VSell together

VSell is a platform where all authorised and verified UK based local merchants are getting together.

But you must be think why would someone buy stuff from this platform.

Well lets understand what happens when a UK based customer search for a product. He types the query and then he filters for the rating. then he chooses average rating and affordable price + free shipping and wait for weeks. Nobody likes waiting time.

Next time he orders the same product with fast delivery with additional delivery cost. But he does not like the delivery charges.

Third time he orders from a UK based local retailer to get the same product for a competitive price and faster delivery. Also with a UK number to call and get updates on it.

So we are trying to resolve this gap. Here at VSell we are trying to make sure we register only UK based local merchants together. So our priority customers have a verified business contact and a reliable fast provider.

Register your interest to host your products with us at www.vsell.uk/become-a-seller

If you are a UK based local merchant and If you can deliver your goods with in 24 hours we will feature your products on our website.

Why start selling with VSELL?

  1. We will share your products with 10 million users on a group we administer.
  2. Do email marketing with 50K+ UK based buyers (subscribers).
  3. Low commission than eBay and Amazon (only 10%)
  4. Your own fully featured Store on our portal
  5. Import/Export to ebay and amazon (coming soon)